2024 Sponsors

Please contact Sue Caley to become a sponsor!

Silver Heart Sponsors ($500+)

Betty & Theresa - In loving memory of Captain Robert Werner

James Martin

Bronze Heart Sponsors ($250+)

Jerrold Epstein: In honor of the over 260,000 veterans who were able to finally have their day of honor in the nation’s capital.

Beth B: In Loving Memory of Lt. Col. James T. Kroll

Julie Thompson

Ron and Carrie Clark

Red Heart Sponsors ($100+)

Zeke & Zoe Bowers

In Memory of Watson

Karyn Jarboe: In memory of my brother Michael Schneck.

In honor of the 'Hey Daddy' - Amy & David Engler

April Guice

Bob Haley

Become a Sponsor

Will you help us by becoming a sponsor?
We have four levels of sponsorship to support our two charities.
All sponsors will have early entry to silent auction (including buy-it-now items) and quick access to silent auction checkout when bidding ends.

Gold Heart Sponsors ($1000+)

Silver Heart Sponsors ($500+)

Bronze Heart Sponsors ($250+)

Red Heart Sponsors ($100+)

All sponsors' names and logos (if provided) will be included on the welcome banner at the dance; here on our website; and on promotional materials, emails, and event Facebook pages.

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